Sunday, November 30, 2008

Big Update

Okay, so we were way behind. Life gets so busy sometimes and we can’t keep up. I guess it will only get worse. Today we added 13 posts including this one. We hope you enjoy.

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Have Fun!!!

It Begins . . . Christmas

We started decorating on Saturday (11/29). We dug out all the tubs and started putting it all up. This is our favorite time of the year. This is just a start.




The slideshow!

New Jammies

So how do you spell jammies, jammy’s, jami’s, etc… ? Anyway, Daddy, Isaac, and Rebekah got new pajama’s.


A few more pictures.


Not sure how we managed to get through Thanksgiving with no pictures but here is a project we made.


Four Layer Cake

We are not sure what prompted this but Tori and the kids decided to make a four layer cake. It was fabulous.


Tori’s Birthday

She thinks nobody is interested in her birthday but we are. She is the best wife and mother in the world. We would be lost without her. Warren isn’t very good at putting a good birthday together for her but we try.

Happy Birthday Mommy!



The slideshow.


Halloween was great fun. We had a number of parties. The best was at Bama and Papa’s house. One of the activities was two teams trying to find the pieces of a skeleton and build it. You should have seen Tori running. There are a lot of pictures so you would be better off following this link to view the slideshow.

A few great pictures.






In case you are wondering, those are socks on my shoulders because Rebekah wanted me to be her prince. She picked out my clothes.

Our Beautiful Fall Colors

This was the goal. The colors were beautiful. It turned an even deeper red but we didn’t get a picture. The tree just needs to continue to grow.


Things look good for next year. There appears to be a lot of new growth just waiting for the Spring. The new growth is short, stubby and red.



Harvesting our Garden

We finally went out and picked the rest of our garden delicacies. We dug out the potatoes, carrots, green onions, picked a lot of green beans and our apples. The potatoes and carrots were quite funny looking.



The apples were pretty good. We are getting better at figuring out what works up here. The soil seems strange, what works for some people in our ward (carrots and squash) doesn’t seem to work very well in our yard.

We plan on rearranging it next year to try for better results. The trees seem to be doing very well though. They should be very fruitful next year.

Here’s a full slideshow of the year (113 pictures).


The season has ended so the photo gallery on our photo website has been updated. There is a link below. He had a lot of fun and received a wonderful trophy. He had a blast. He still wants to be the fullback or goalie. Whenever his team gets the ball, or the other team for that matter, he runs back towards his own goal to stop them. He definitely improved as the season progressed. He loves it and looks forward to next year.



The whole slide show (116 pictures).

Cereal is King

There are no limits to our consumption of cereal.


Geo Tracks Lives On

We all still love to play with our GeoTracks!


Isaac’s in Kindergarten

Isaac started his educational journey on September 2, 2008. His first day of Kindergarten. He was as excited as every other kid is. Of course, it only took a short time for him to say, as his cousin did, do I have to go back again.

His teacher is Mrs. Watkins. She was the teacher that Victoria worked with last year. He has about 30 kids in his class. His favorite part about kindergarten is chasing the girls during recess. He has improved a great deal in his artistic endeavors. He loves to draw and create things now even more than before.

Of course, now he is learning all the wonderful things the other kids are teaching him. Mommy and Daddy love that part. Isaac is sitting here and tells me that he is teaching them. He is the third teacher because they have two teachers and whenever he is done with his work they send him to help the other kids.