Saturday, April 12, 2008

Finally Planted Garden

We finally planted our garden today. The strawberries survived the winter and a few bean plants sprouted from random beans that were tilled into the ground as we prepared the dirt. We planted potatoes, onions and carrots. There is also a picture of the leaves on our tree out front. We were concerned about the type of leaves on the tree until we figured out that the funny looking ones were seed pods. Our Christmas Tree that sprouted out of nowhere is growing great.

General Conference Trip

We took Magdalena to General Conference with us this year. Tori and Warren were able to go through the Salt Lake Temple which is always wonderful. We walked all over Temple Square, attended Conference in the Conference Center and even made a middle of the night trek to Wyoming.

Crazy Isaac

We went to a local nature fair in Riverside. They had a nature walk and a netted cage to see butterflies and several other animals. All Isaac cared about were the bugs. First he had to hold the tarantulas and scorpions. Then there were the stick bugs and the millipedes. He had a blast. Finally, the tarantula owner had to tell him that the spiders were taking a lunch break.

Baseball Game

The game was in San Diego. The Angels were playing against the Padres. It started a little slow but ended pretty well. Warren actually made it through the game.

Beach Trip

Some photos of a short jaunt to the beach. We were on our way to a wedding so there was some entertaining cleanup at the end.