Saturday, April 21, 2007

Finished Backyard

Well, today we put the rest of the boards up for our fence in the backyard. And since we had help from 2 missionaries and a friend from church, we were even able to paint the new boards. We were blessed with beautiful weather without too much wind. We even put in a border around the garden. While it does add personality, its purpose is to help people not walk through the garden. We will plant some veggies this week. We bought 2 tomato plants, 2 bell pepper plants (1 red and 1 green), and a mild jalapeno. We have lots of seeds in packets and will probably go get some more from Home Depot next week. We really want some zucchini and pumpkins. We also have a trellis to put in the ground and were thinking we could put a grape vine on each side. So many options =) I guess all we really would like to happen is to have at least 1 of each fruit or veggie grow. So, with a complete fence, grass, 6 fruit trees, a swing set, digging dirt for Isaac and all the 'girls' who come to play, and dirt roped off for a garden and plants in hand, I would say that we have a pretty complete backyard. With in 10 years it should be really complete with a pool!!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Our Garden

Well, today we stared getting our garden ready. We planned on planting today, but after 3 trips to Home Depot, trip to a friend's garage sale and lots of wind, we were able to get the soil ready to plant within the next few weeks. It looks great!
I had an interesting spiritual experience during this event. Warren said hard work will do that to you. I was wearing gloves,to protect my non-outdoor working hands, and my shoe came untied. I left the gloves on (hot pot pads if you ask Rebekah) and tried to tie my shoe. It was very difficult. It made me think about our Spirit Bodies trapped inside our physical bodies wanting to go and do the work that needs to be done, yet trapped by the physical body living the worldly life. How trapped do I make my Spirit feel?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

So Funny So Young

Last night Isaac was sent to bed and when I finally made it in there 5 minutes later, he was fast asleep. As I talked with Warren on the phone, I shared my shock that he would fall asleep so quickly. I called his name, Rebekah tried to talk to him, and I even slightly tickled him. He was out. Then I really tickled him just to check. And wouldn't you know it, he burst out laughing. He was awake the entire time!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Girl's Clothes

In fear of Rebekah not having enough clothes for summer, I have been buying Target and Wal-mart specials for the past few months. I discovered at least 2 dozen pairs of shorts and shirts and a total of 6 church dresses in 2 bags and a box. When I thought I was finished, I found a handful more of various items. I guess she will be fine.
This weekend will be quite the juggling act. On Saturday we are going to plant some vegetables in the garden to go with the grapes and berries we planted last month. By the end of the season, I hope to have squash, tomatoes, a pumpkin, and watermelon =) While planting our garden, Warren and I will have to balance our time pushing Isaac and Rebekah on the swings. We bought the fancy Costco swing set so they could play outside and be self entertained. They only want to swing... and swing... and swing...Warren and I have really found some interesting rhythms to push to.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Isaac and Sports

We decided that to fullfill Isaac's love for action that soccer and tennis would be great sports for him. Tennis allows him to run around hitting and soccer allows him to push other children out of the way =)


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