Saturday, September 26, 2009


Isaac has completed the first 7 weeks of First grade and is now on a two week vacation. Warren took off for one of the weeks so we can actually have some fun family time together =) Isaac has his vacation all planned out. First on the agenda was camping in the backyard. Next week he is planning on 5 days of fishing. We are going to aim for 3 days and hope that he catches a fish so we can cook it! We already have 2 play dates scheduled this first week too! Then next weekend is General Conference. Family doughnut time =) The following week is already filled too. Isaac is going to love this vacation!

Little Bunny Ben Ben Hopping Through the Forest.. (Updated)

Scooping up the food and taking a great big bite with his tooth!


P1060452Update, I apologize for the confusion on this photo. I zoomed in a little too far. The white thing in the dead center is Benjamin’s first tooth. Here is the whole photo. The kids have been singing the song in the title for weeks and Tori was being cute.

Our Little Ballerina

Rebekah has started ballet and tap classes through the Park and Rec Center. She LOVES it! I was actually surprised at how flexible she is. She really loves her bag for her shoes she got from Magdalena this summer!


Isaac has begun his second soccer season. He is loving it. Especially since he will get to be goalie during one of the games. He was team captain the first game because he put forth so much effort in the practices. He loves to go outside and practice his drop kicks... I sure hope the ball doesn't go over our fence and into wash behind us. It is about a 12 foot drop.