Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We did. The children were spoiled by the grandparents, of course. But isn’t that their job? Isaac helped make family pajamas. That was a lot of fun!


At Grandma and Grandpa Lehndorfer’s


With Grandpa Lehndorfer


All the boys at Tori’s family


All the Girls


Opening Stockings before Church on Christmas morning


Magdalena’s bubble wrap for her package =) She does spoil us. Thanks you Magdalena!


Isaac’s Heaven


Benjamin’s Heaven


Bekah’s Heaven

FYI, we changed back into our Pajamas as soon as we got back from church =)

So the real question, What did we give? Over 150 Christmas cards and half of those with Grandma Jane’s peanut brittle or Amish Friendship Bread. If you didn’t get any…. I am sorry you were neglected. Just let me know and the situation with be rectified! =)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

She’s Coming!

We are happy to announce that we will have the opportunity to host an exchange student from Germany starting in January. She will be here until the middle of June. More information will follow, but we had to share one important thing. She is from Luebbecke, Germany located in the northern part of the country (different form Magdalena who was from Bavaria in the south). We just did some quick research on her home town.. and well lets just say that the temperature high in July is 16 C….my house is 20 C right now and we are all freezing! Do you think we should tell her that our high in July is 40+ C. Warren says that she will have time to grow into the weather before summer comes and wipes her out! Frederike, if you are reading this… please don’t get scared =)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Boys!

DSC00027     DSC00052

Please meet Zyed and Damien. Our boys! We were blessed to be able to host these wonderful boys from France this summer. They are great boys! We all really loved them. While they were here, we made sure they had traditional American food, like root beer floats! Damien had one every day! Zyed couldn’t even swallow the first sip, hahaha! We taught them American words like nookie nookie (totally ZYED’S fault). We even took them to great places in southern California like Joshua Tree National Park! Can we say heat stroke! Poor boys, it wasn’t even that hot =) We all had a wonderful time. They were so much fun and kept us laughing! I am laughing now as I write this post! Love you both!


Our Rebekah

Last week at our Festival (see Home School blog) Bekah spent about 5 minutes fixing baby Jesus’ bed before their play. I missed most of it, but one of the moms came to get me so I could watch. She was arranging the hay and rearranging the hay. Then she would gather more sticks, etc, very concerned for the comfort for this doll. So around the time I got there, one of the moms came over to help finish getting everything ready for the play. First thing the mom did was drop a blanket on the bed and on top of the doll’s head. Bekah looked at her (the mom had no idea) and quietly picked the doll up and rocked it, then moved the blanket and fixed the baby in the bed. At which time, the mom turns back and picks up the doll and starts fixing the bed with the blanket lined over all the sticks, etc. The mom and I who were watching were a little nervous about what Bekah might do next. Because she is a peacemaker at heart, she politely shifted something and then walked away since it was time for the play. If only I could have had this on video!!!!! Anyway, after the play was over, Bekah took the opportunity to have this doll all to herself and spent a good half-hour holding and rocking it.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Idiosyncrasies of the Lehndorfer Family

Merry Christmas! This year, we are updating our Blog and sending Christmas cards with our picture =) If you don’t receive a card with our picture, it is probably because you live so close, that you are getting peanut brittle or chocolate snowmen or Santas. Please don’t be alarmed by who the card is from. Warre is really Warren and while I am important, I am not important enough to have my V and my I capitalized. Victoria would have been just fine!


We have had a fun filled 2011. It just goes by too fast. Even Isaac has commented on how quickly life is passing! This year, we would like to share some secret inside information about who we are or what we like.

Warren suffers from ‘served a mission in a third world country and lives in a first world country’ syndrome. He often looks at our home and possessions and feels guilty. However, he then sees great deals on things like the Kindle Fire and gets one for the family. =)

Tori likes things organized and to follow rules. Therefore, she bottles up the frustration with her unorganized house and then explodes and has a problem with ‘gray area’ rules.

Isaac has selective hearing. While reading a book, only the promise of a treat will get his attention. And when asked to go do something, he hears go read a book every time.

Bekah is great at putting others first! She is very nurturing and thinks about how to help or care for others without being prompted! She will also be a great mom. How do we know? Light sleeper!

Benjamin loves his thumb and his puppy blanket! If given the choice, he will only wear a shirt with silk screen print on it so he can rub it all day long!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Farm =)

When Isaac turned 4, we got fish; easy and inexpensive! We have had at least 2 dozen fish/dwarf frogs come through this home now. And when someone can tell me why 3 of my fish committed suicide this past August I would love to hear why!

When Isaac turned 8, we got a hermit crab, named Hermie . He was great to look at for about 2 seconds. He was nocturnal and not very interactive. Things we told Isaac before, and things he believed after =)


We also got a guinea pig named Taco around this time. Super cute and fun, but hairy! It is part of the rabbit family. She would love to be taken out everyday and played with! However, with my allergies, she only gets to come out outside. She could use a home that will play with her =)


When I turned 37, we inherited an outdoor cat named Julie (she needs a home immediately). Julie is a Himalayan and beautiful inside and out. The children would hate to see her go, but she is meant to be an indoor cat and the weather really isn’t warm enough for her to be outside. We do have a doggie house for her, but a nice inside home would be better.


Then, just because, we got a bird, named Will, who died =( So,to mend the broken hearts, we got a Bird named Blue Scurry. Blue likes to sing when we vacuum or when he gets wet from playing in his water and fly around his cage and make a terrible mess. He also likes to be around the children.


We are also waiting for a possible butterfly to hatch this spring!

Caterpillar crysallis on the lid

For fun, we have also animal sat my parent’s dog, Elly, our friend’s dog, Cookie, and our friend’s hamster Bianca. (we were supposed to have their bird, but that had a tragic loss too,not my fault though).


Meet Will =) Say Good-bye Will =(


On November 15 we went to the Magnolia Bird Farm for a field trip. We came home with this lovely parakeet, Will. He was so friendly and sweet! He would sing when the family sang and sit on Bekah’s and Isaac’s head while they worked. He was great!

Will's Grave

Sadly, this is Will now =( Due to an extremely unfortunate accident, he is no longer with us. My heart is still breaking.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thing's Change

I LOVE my Oak tree!


So, last January, Isaac joined the ranks of scouting. He got his uniform for his birthday and wouldn't take it off!
He absolutely loves going to his meetings and LOVES earning the awards!!!! In preparation for becoming a scout, he learned everything for the Bobcat rank BEFORE his birthday! So, on his birthday as he opened his manual (way easy presents for this birthday), he promptly opened the book to the page where we sign off and started reciting everything he had learned. Funny boy =) By May, or June, he earned the Wolf rank. Since then he has earned 3 arrows, about 10 belt loops, and 3? awards (Leave No Trace, etc). Come January, we will actually have to start putting effort into him earning the next rank. Fortunately, he does most of the initiating, so my life will be easy =)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween

We had a great and festive Halloween season!
First... Bama and Papa's party. Isaac went as a ranger (reluctantly because he only had 2 arrows and not 36 like a real Ranger), Bekah went at a mermaid (which she had been BEGGING me to make a skirt for for over a year) ,and Benjamin went as a pop pop eater (we forgot to change him the entire night, but he had lady bug wings to wear with his cousin).
Next, we had our trunk-or-treat party at church. Isaac went as a wizard (he lost his quiver on a hike is still very upset), Bekah went as a fairy, and Benjamin went as a lady bug!
Then, the night we carved our pumpkins, the neighbor came over and asked us to come to their party. As soon as our pumpkins were carved, we dressed up and headed over. Isaac was a ranger again (without the quiver), Bekah was Snow White, and Benjamin was a pirate.
Finally, on Halloween itself, Warren's brother and his family came up for dinner (not so great Shepard's Pie, sorry) and to go out trick-or-treating with the bambinos. Benjamin and I stayed home and handed out candy. I think we actually had close to 30 trick-or-treaters! Isaac was a Ranger, Bekah was a Dancing Princess, and Benjamin was a Ladybug.
Trivia time... who can tell me WHY my daughter would NOT wear the same costume twice and would NOT wear that mermaid skirt she asked for for more than a year more than once! WHY!!!!!
I will go eat some candy now =)

Friday, October 28, 2011

What am I, a DOG?

The other night at dinner Benjamin looked at me and said,
"My hands are dirty. Lick them Mommy."
I laughed (really hard) before I was grossed out =)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Chemistry on Sunday?

I love the missionaries. I always have and I always will! One of the Elders serving in our ward right now LOVES science. Well, chemistry is his favorite. Since yesterday was Cookie Sunday at church, I didn't make a dessert for the Elders. Well, the one Elder asked if we could make Chemical Pie. You cook H2O (water), C12H22O11 (sugar), KHC4H4O6 (cream of tartar), and saltine crackers. Pour it into a crust, sprinkle a little cinnamon on top, add some butter, and you get this...

A Delicious Mock Apple Pie!
Can I count this as our chemistry lesson of the week?

Martial Arts

Isaac is enrolled in a homeschool Martial Arts class. He loves it and since he is very competitive, he earned his white belt in less than a month (I don't know if that is good, but he had to test for it). When he got home from his test, he asked what he had to do to earn his yellow belt! Funny boy. This academy teaches self defense and various other martial arts. One thing great about them is they do NOT train their students to fight. Meaning to get in a ring and fight. I like that. Isaac can run around and learn self control and not train to compete in a ring. Here is a picture of him using his white belt to recite the Code (Character, Culture, Christ) of Mateo Academy.

That's one... no TWO!

Oct 6, 2011
Oct 10, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things (that we did today)

When the dog bites... we go to the library and read to the dogs (and get a free book)
When the bee stings... we go to the community garden in Hesperia, Squash For Friends, and pull weeds
When I'm feeling sad... well I walked fast/ran/walked slow 4 miles today, so I wasn't feeling sad a all today =)
I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad!

So, I know this post has nothing to do with our dinner and hopes for an exchange student, but the song just came to me when we were driving around today and it fit so well =)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Doesn't she look so lovable and friendly? She has found our way into our hearts. She looks just like the cats I had growing up. You know, the ones that made me deathly sick! I have really bad allergies, so Julie desperately needs a home!!! She loves people!!! Isn't picky about the extremely cheap food we bought her!!! But NEEDS to be inside. The weather is getting very cold. We have her in a dog house, but she deserves better. I have posted the message on craigslist in 2 places. 2 people have said they are interested, but when I call, they don't respond. If you or anyone you know would like her, she is yours, or theirs.

Things We Love!

This is one of our favorite dinners =)
Pasta with tomatoes, basil, and garlic (I add red pepper), broccoli sauteed in a little olive oil and salt (still crunchy), and Liz's extremely easy, extremely fast, and extremely tasty bread sticks!

What we also love is exchange students! First, we had some girls from China (2 weeks). Then, we had Magdalena (8 months), who everyone loved!!!!!!!! Next, we had some boys from China (1 week), then Celia (3 weeks), who was absolutely perfect. This last summer we had 2 boys from France, Damian and Zyed, for 2 weeks. Both of whom are welcome back ANY time!!! So what's next? We have requested a placement for the second semester of the school year. Our children love having them and to be honest, other than the guilt I feel for not writing them more often and the heart wrenching tears of sadness when they leave, so do I!

Why not add more?

So, I just created a blog for our home-school adventures! Please visit and follow so you too can have fun with us!

Our New School Year

This year we are studying Medieval History. As we learn about the brave leaders of that time, we are also learning to be valiant Knights! Robin Hood and Maid Marian brought invitations to Knight Training School to Isaac and Bekah.

This is what their letters say:

Ye are hereby formally invited to attend Knight School. Thy training shall begin at the tenth hour on Wednesday the ten and fourth day of the month of September in the Year of our Lord 2011. During the course of your studies, ye shall learn a Battle Plan for a Pure Heart, how to wear the Armour of God, and Mastery of Knightly Virtues.

Miles Christi Sum

 DSC00645      DSC00652

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More to come…

There is so much we want to share with all of you. Many great events have occurred and some not so great ponderings (is that a word) have been bouncing around in my head. So, when the time is right, we (both Warren and I) will be putting LOTS of new posts. We hope you enjoy them. We might also try some new looks on our blog.  Thanks!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man…

… a Seminary Teacher! Warren has been called to be a seminary teacher next school year. I would say this is his dream calling, but he really enjoyed being the Assistant Ward Librarian for 6 months when we first moved to Victorville =) Bekah is really excited Warren gets to sit with us during Sacrament Meeting now! This was his favorite birthday present.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Garden


We are really starting to enjoy the potential of our garden. Our 12 tomato plants are all growing very well. The boysenberries have survived the wind and the 2 squirrels have not touched our 1 peach… yet =) Here are some pictures…


Our orange bell pepper in the making!


What we thought were weeds are really last years tomatoes springing up ALL over the place =)


A bad angle on this 5 fingered strawberry. We have lots of strange phalanges on our strawberries in all sorts of poses =)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

That’s My Boy !

Benjamin is always the first one up in our house. Why? Because he is the only one still smart enough to go to bed when he is tired! When he wakes up each morning, the first word out of his mouth is EAT! Today I took him down stairs to find a healthy, nutritious morning snack and can you guess what he wanted…


Chips and Salsa!

Can you think of anything better?

So, as I was forced to consume chips and salsa, before breakfast (you know how forceful those 2 year olds are, ask all those lovely people in San Francisco about that) I started thinking of my favorite salsa’s. Pace is not too bad; Costco brand (pictured) is of course good, because everything from Costco is good!; Leticia’s homemade salsa, the one I used to make and still do when I spend the entire $1.50 required for making a really tasty batch; and Gabi’s homemade salsa, which I have tried to make, but simply can’t do it as well as her!

Happy Salsa eating!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Must Post

I have a friend who has always been a good example to me. I feel blessed and am a better person because of her (well, when I follow her). Well, she called yesterday asking permission to share my blog with a the sisters in her ward at a Relief Society Meeting. This ward is the one I lived in for 6 years! I know a great deal of these sisters. That is how good she is. Still asks permission.

Her lesson was on journaling.

Well, isn't this the way it works. We hardly ever take the time to post. Now more people will probably look at this within the week and nothing of any great importance will be here. I have often read other's blogs and thought, I should so that., but never have.

So, in honor of my friend, I am posting today. AND I am going to tell you why my house is happier because of her =)

She was the first person I knew to home-school her children. She taught me the importance of not sending my little ones off at such a young age and how it is better to keep them at home!

My first nursing book came from her and I loved it! I was able to nurse all my babies for 2 years!

FOOD... She has taught me 3 recipes that are used frequently in our house:
I I forgot to put GRANOLA =)
Sunday Dinners:
Her family had us over for dinner one Sunday and ever since then Isaac has been hooked! He always wants to know who is coming to Sunday dinner at our house. Even when we go months without having anyone over for dinner, he still asks every Sunday =)

Thank you Amy for always being such a good example to us and for making our house happier!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Funny Moment Continued

Okay, clarification, he was referring to his deceased Great-Grandpa (my Mom's Dad) who was alive at almost 95, so his body was in working order =)

Funny Moment

Isaac wrote today that a Merry-Go-Round can work after 101 years because his grandma was working after 95 years.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tori Did It!

After months of collecting patterns and material, I, Tori, finally finished Isaac’s pajama pants. I also finished blankets for all three children. Bekah’s actually had some patchwork! I have also made 2 skirts for Bekah. Next on the project list is to finish Aunt Angi’s apron (buttons for decoration and ribbon for tying), Bekah’s new spring dress (within the next week and a half), my apron, Isaac’s pajama shirt, just because I can sew skirts for myself and Bekah, a really cool looking owl costume for Isaac, oh Isaac’s Ranger’s Cloak which comes closer to the beginning of this list, and then to finish it off… Medieval period costumes for Isaac, Bekah, Benjamin, and myself (Warren if we have time, sorry) for next years school opening day (around September 1). A peasant costume for myself might be easier. I am a servant to my royal children after all. Am I crazy for being excited? =)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Making Thunder

Last week Tori read the kids a story about Thor. On Saturday, Warren helped them make hammers and thunder makers. We don’t know if they had more fun painting them or making lots and lots of thunder.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Fun New Game

So for Christmas we received a Harry Potter game as a wonderful present from Magdalena that we have been bad about not playing yet. Last night we put it together and had a wonderful time playing it.
We all thought it was so much fun.