Thursday, April 28, 2011

Funny Moment Continued

Okay, clarification, he was referring to his deceased Great-Grandpa (my Mom's Dad) who was alive at almost 95, so his body was in working order =)

Funny Moment

Isaac wrote today that a Merry-Go-Round can work after 101 years because his grandma was working after 95 years.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tori Did It!

After months of collecting patterns and material, I, Tori, finally finished Isaac’s pajama pants. I also finished blankets for all three children. Bekah’s actually had some patchwork! I have also made 2 skirts for Bekah. Next on the project list is to finish Aunt Angi’s apron (buttons for decoration and ribbon for tying), Bekah’s new spring dress (within the next week and a half), my apron, Isaac’s pajama shirt, just because I can sew skirts for myself and Bekah, a really cool looking owl costume for Isaac, oh Isaac’s Ranger’s Cloak which comes closer to the beginning of this list, and then to finish it off… Medieval period costumes for Isaac, Bekah, Benjamin, and myself (Warren if we have time, sorry) for next years school opening day (around September 1). A peasant costume for myself might be easier. I am a servant to my royal children after all. Am I crazy for being excited? =)