Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas

Lehndorfer’s 2010

What a wonderful time of the year! We often think back over the past year and examine all that has happened and contemplate about what we want to improve for the next year. This year, as we look back, we think about how much we love our family.

What we love about Warren

Mommy: gets up from the table and walks like an old man to takes his dishes to the sink, and takes the extra blankets from me at 2 in the morning because I am hot

Isaac: has glasses just like me, likes to play tickle monster with me

Bekah: kisses me, goes to work so we can have money

What we love about Victoria

Daddy: lets me be silly, home schools my children, can outrun me, makes really good cheesecake

Isaac: warm and soft, happy to make things for other people

Bekah: she’s beautiful

What we love about Isaac

Daddy: listens to the whole story when I read to him, excited to get baptized, takes good care of Hedwig

Mommy: Dress up with Hedwig, changes career choices based on whether he would have to work on Sunday, he wants to know when my friends Legoland passes will be exiled

Bekah: always gives me a hug after family prayer

What we love about Rebekah

Daddy: gives me stickers to wear to work, loves to dress-up, sleeps with eight blankets just like Daddy

Mommy: Cries when others are in trouble or hurt, punches Isaac in the stomach to get what she wants, wants to wear a dress everyday and put her hair in a ponytail

Isaac: lets me snuggle with her when I am cold at night

What we love about Benjamin

Daddy: gives good kisses, says ‘owie’ for everything, has to wave bye-bye from the front window to everyone who leaves

Mommy: Imitates everything we do, sorts the flatware, he takes any stick and points it at me and says “Avada Kedavra” in his best one and half year old voice

Isaac: plays with me

Bekah: says ‘night, night’ to get out of trouble

We hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2011!


Warren, Victoria, Isaac, Bekah, and Benjamin