Monday, July 16, 2007

What's New

Warren and I are just one month shy of our 6 year anniversary. We had big plans of leaving the children over night (a first), but our plans have been changed. I am going back to work this September. I have been offered a position as a Kindergarten teacher at a brand new school that is about... 10 houses away! This school is a parent choice (magnet type) school. While we will be focusing on high academic standards, we will also be focusing on art, yea, and music, yea. The children will study a new artist and composer every month. Included in there free education will be piano lessons and a second instrument beginning in the 4th grade. Can't beat that. I am excited to have been offered this great job. Isaac and Rebekah will be able to stay with Warren until lunch time and then they will go to a family day care (provided she is willing to do pre-school work I send) from about 11 am until 3 pm. Rebekah will be napping for 2 of those hours and Isaac will then have plenty of opportunity to keep up in his reading and writing.
Warren recently had a birthday. He is now an old 32. Just ask him. For his birthday, he got a seat for his bike, a bike helmet, and a new seat for his bike. So after he is done eating the HUGE Costco cake he brought home from work, he will be riding his newly equipped bike!

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Congratulations on the new job :)