Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sequoia National Park

We left Friday (May 2) for Sequoia National Park. It only took about 4 hours to get there so it wasn't too bad a drive. Our little motel was great. Very spacious with great amenities for only $135.

The next morning we went into the park. Of course, the first place we went was the visitors center so Tori could buy a bunch of books and other items for her classrooms (the one at home and the one at school). Then we climbed up to Moro Point and saw the awesome view from the top of the mountain. Quite a hick with a lot of stairs but well worth it.

Next we went to see General Sherman. The biggest tree in the world. If it were hollow it would hold enough water for 3.5 years for a typical family. It is HUGE!!!. We felt like munchkins next to it. The size of the trees is simply unfathomable.

We also were able to see deer, a wolf, a bear, and many little animals in the wild. The ride home was fun, especially trying to find a restaurant. Needless to say, even a navigation system didn't keep us from running all over town.


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Mar "_" said...


WOW what a trip. A place to find beauty and sernity. My munchkin relatives usually get to where they are going; eventually on the nature trails.