Sunday, November 30, 2008

Isaac’s in Kindergarten

Isaac started his educational journey on September 2, 2008. His first day of Kindergarten. He was as excited as every other kid is. Of course, it only took a short time for him to say, as his cousin did, do I have to go back again.

His teacher is Mrs. Watkins. She was the teacher that Victoria worked with last year. He has about 30 kids in his class. His favorite part about kindergarten is chasing the girls during recess. He has improved a great deal in his artistic endeavors. He loves to draw and create things now even more than before.

Of course, now he is learning all the wonderful things the other kids are teaching him. Mommy and Daddy love that part. Isaac is sitting here and tells me that he is teaching them. He is the third teacher because they have two teachers and whenever he is done with his work they send him to help the other kids.



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