Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring has begun to spring

The flowers are starting to bloom and the plants are growing again. There’s even a row of trees in a park near the church that are in full bloom. The grass is turning green again and Daddy actually had to mow the lawn last week. Here are a few pictures from our yard.

It’s not much yet but the apricot tree gets lot’s of singing to (the primary popcorn song if you are not sure what we are talking about).


It’s flowers are beautiful!


The plum tree grows like crazy. You probably need to double click on the picture to make it bigger to see all the little growth.


It also has beautiful flowers. (Yes, Daddy likes to take pictures of flowers.)


Here are the flowers in the front yard. All the bulbs have begun to grow so we hope to have flowers through the fall from different plants at different times.


The plant in the front right was nearly killed by the amazing snowfall we had last December (14 inches in one day). I had to cut it way back but it survived. Isaac took a liking to a broken branch that I had cut off and tenderly planted it right to the left of the plant. We were really impressed that it took root and is growing very well. It now has several leaves. Wow!

The tree in the front yard has the most incredible red color on the new growth.


As for our garden. This will continue to be a work in progress. Judging from the comments of other people in the ward the soil is different in every neighborhood in the high desert. Everyone seems to be able to grow different things. We are still working on what to plant this year. Daddy, Isaac, and Rebekah were able to prepare the soil yesterday so we will get started soon. The strawberry’s continue to thrive and probably enjoyed the snow. It didn’t phase them a bit.


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