Monday, April 13, 2009

So, how's the baby?

Benjamin is doing very well... He nurses wonderfully and sleeps soundly. We can actually lay him down before he is in the deepest of deep sleeps =) He has random bouts of reflux type symptoms, so I haven't had to change my diet... yet. He is super chunky and loves all his new clothes (well, I love his new clothes). He does have a heart murmur. I actually call it 2 heart murmurs. The little hole in your heart that closes at birth hasn't closed, but should soon. Also, the blood that flows from the heart into the lungs makes a whooshing sound. While these are very major to me, they are so minor to the cardiologist that Benjamin's next check-up is April 2010. I didn't think calendars went out that far. All-in-all, he is our perfect child and we feel very blessed to have him.

Here is a slideshow of 13 recent pictures of Benjamin.

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