Sunday, May 24, 2009

Too Fast!

We have not posted enough about our family this month... sorry. Benjamin is 3 months old today and has outgrown most of his 3-6 month clothing. He loves his brother and sister and will smile at them and 'talk' to them whenever they are around and when they are not around (Can you believe a Lehndorfer making a lot of noise... WOW). Warren is so thrilled that today while playing with him, Benjamin started giggling. Not the smile and then a burst of noise giggle, but really giggling! It is going too fast... I want time to go in slow motion so I can capture more. Can that prayer be answered? =)

p.s. Happy Birthday, Bama! 

1 comment:

Kiley said...

I hear ya. One moment they are newborns sleeping peacefully in your arms and the next thing you know they are running around getting into all sorts of trouble!