Thursday, November 19, 2009

So... do you think like a six year old?

Really it should be like my six year old boy =) I would like to thank everyone for your wonderful insight to my Isaac. I am so pleased to know that so many think of him as a boy who knows the Jesus wants him for a SUNBEAM and that there is SUNSHINE in his soul. I am also pleased to announce that all of those possible SPIDERS were not invited into my house. I would also like to congratulate Magdalena and Alysia for giving me hope that he was simply blasting off into space with Rockets. However, Isaac's version is...
Isaac's Story 11-13-09 B

Yes! He was pretending to blow up a house. In lieu of flowers, please send your condolences to his mother and father in the comment section.

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Rays-R-Us said...

NICE! HAHAHA, all boy :) Maybe he'll be a rocket engineer and use that imagination more wisely.