Monday, May 25, 2009

Hold Your Horses

This boy is off to the races already. We laid Benjamin down on his back to play with his toys and walked away. A few minutes later we heard him calling us. We came back and this is what we found . . .




Why is baby #3 in such a hurry? Isn’t the last baby supposed to take his time because he is being spoiled?

By the way, he already weighs over 16 lbs and yesterday he giggled for Daddy. What’s next, the key to the fireplace? (see the David, Kiley, and Kids blog posting titled KA-BOOM)

Dancing Rebekah

I am not sure which is more entertaining: how adorable Tori thinks Rebekah is or how much Rebekah loves her outfit.

P1050362 Here is a video of her dancing.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Too Fast!

We have not posted enough about our family this month... sorry. Benjamin is 3 months old today and has outgrown most of his 3-6 month clothing. He loves his brother and sister and will smile at them and 'talk' to them whenever they are around and when they are not around (Can you believe a Lehndorfer making a lot of noise... WOW). Warren is so thrilled that today while playing with him, Benjamin started giggling. Not the smile and then a burst of noise giggle, but really giggling! It is going too fast... I want time to go in slow motion so I can capture more. Can that prayer be answered? =)

p.s. Happy Birthday, Bama! 

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why 6 Year Olds Shouldn't Read

So Isaac's oh so fancy and expensive telescope (haha) came apart and broke. He looks at it, reads something and says, "I guess the people in China don't know how to make things very well."