Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day Hike

Tori had a great idea right before the July 4th holiday. She suggested we go hiking in the local mountains on the day after July 4th. We borrowed a baby backpack for Benjamin and off we went.

The terrain was beautiful.


It was about 3/4 of a mile to a campground where we ate a snack.


Then back to the car but Benjamin didn’t make it.



AES said...

Your hike looks like so much fun! I love those back packs :)

Rays-R-Us said...

Where did you guys go? It looks like it might be around here. Anytime you guys come up this way to hike, let us know and we'd love to join you! We have two baby backpacks :)

Tori said...

It is in Wrightwood. We hiked on the PCT to a campground and then hiked back. It was so much fun =)

Rays-R-Us said...

I thought it was in Wrightwood... that's where we are living now! :) We just went up to Mt. Baden-Powell a couple weeks ago, one of the most difficult ones up here. The hike you did is where we are camping this weekend for the ward campout.