Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fun in the Sun

Today, the Lehndorfer grandchildren got together for some spring cleaning at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. As a reward, we went over to Fairmont Park to play.


Bekah with some of the girls.


Isaac with some of the boys.


Benjamin with his cousin =)


Bekah learning that this activity makes her dizzy. (Does that count as school for the day?)


This was Isaac with his belated birthday presents he got today. By the look on his face when he opened them, his aunts and I were convinced he wasn’t overly interested in Legos, or Harry Potter, or Star Wars. We were home about 2 minutes before he began building EVERYTHING he got today. He only stopped for 5 minutes to eat dinner. All three took about an hour and a half!


This was one of Benjamin's presents. A Stomp Rocket. BIG… I mean HUGE… I mean ENORMOUS hit!


Cousin swinging.


Cousins eating (which mine never really did so they were starving when we left for home).

Perfect day! Perfect weather! Perfect FAMILY!

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KinderLearningBunnies said...

We have the same stomp rocket. Little man got his for his b-day too. Way too much fun.