Friday, August 31, 2012

Beginning and Ending with Good-Bye

No we did not spend any time in Hawaii saying Aloha =)

Our summer began with saying good-bye to Fredreike. We were so lucky to have her in our home for 5 months!


She began her trip here with a stop at In-N-Out, so of course we went there on the way to the airport!

The next big part of the summer was saying good-bye, and hello, to new paint for the children's bedrooms.


Benjamin’s YELLOW room. He still wants more yellow =)


Rebekah went with a simple cream and multi colored polka-dots!


Isaac’s baby blue is in the planning stage of an Eargon/sword/battle scene. Or something like that =)

We then had 2 Chinese students visit with us. DSC05725

Faye and Stephy were great! We really enjoyed them! (More about them and other things later)

Lastly, Damien, who was one of our French boys last summer, came back to visit. DSC05759

We had a ball with him… literally we went to a ball and did much, much more! He has just left =( It is Labor Day weekend and summer will be officially, unofficially over. We have been too busy, but we have enjoyed every moment!

Good-bye to our special friends from around the world! We love each of you and are grateful to have you all in our lives!

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