Thursday, January 3, 2013

7 year Itch

So, around 6½ years into our marriage, I started hearing about the 7 year itch. Which I probably actually learned about in my psychology and sociology classes. Point is, things can get a little rough around 7 years of marriage, but if you hold until 12 years and pass, the statistically, you should be good forever =)

Does that apply to things you buy? We bought a computer just before Bekah was born (2005) It started getting rocky after 5 ½ years. By 7 years, It had to go! We purchased our house 7 years ago this March. Well, on New Year’s Eve, Warren spent the day, unclogging a drain (hair form exchange students), patching a hole on the side of the bathtub, replacing light switches in Isaac’s room, replacing 2 seals on 2 toilets, and a handle on one of the toilets that I really broke when I was trying to fix it after I broke it. Was that it???? Oh yea.. he had to replace the leaking garbage disposal the Saturday before that!

At least Isaac is learning how to be handy man =) He is already so good at mowing the lawn and changing my brake pads =)

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