Friday, March 1, 2013


You would think we were pros at chop sticks by now, but we are not. Although, we now have 2 real sets of chop sticks brought to us from China last October! We used them this January when Celine and Laura came to visit us!


In-n-Out a must!


What I call a Chinese Tamale.


Talent! This is Celine. She isn’t really Chinese! Her grandparents, or was it great-grandparents, left China and settled in Mauritius. There are a lot of Indians (real ones from India) there, so Mauritius food is delicious =) Celine got a scholarship to study in China for college! Her first year she spent in an immersion program learning Chinese. That’s right, she learned Chinese at the age of 19. She doesn’t really fit in with the real Chinese, but she is trucking along. Her and Loreena are now BFF!

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