Sunday, April 12, 2015

Exchange Students

Japan has been the country of our students this last year =) Our knowledge of Japan has increased. We now know that their school year begins in April, they have a melting pot of foods (like America), they drive about 40 mph in the FAST lane, they don’t like to look bad so they appear shy, they watch a lot of television on Sundays,…

Our Three students:


                                     Rikako (Spring 2015)


Yuko (Christmas 2014)








                                                                           Shota (Spring 2014)

We did lots of fun activities, so I will list some of them: Joshua Tree camping and rock climbing, Rose Parade viewing, Sea World, In-n-Out, Hollywood tour, Cub Scout volunteering, shopping, horseback riding, cooking, light saber duels, card games, ….

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