Friday, September 17, 2010

Big Brainz' Timez Attack

Big Brainz' Timez Attack: "The Ultimate Multiplication Tables Video Game"

Our friends, the Petersen's, introduced this great online game to us! You can play for free or buy an upgraded version. Even if you only play the free version, you can learn all your multiplication facts up to 12. When we downloaded the free version, Isaac was given the option of choosing the Dungeon or the Castle. He has mastered the 2's in the Castle. He is now doing the 3's in the Dungeon. He loves the ogres and the green slim they put on you! I love how funny the ogre looks when he scratches =) I am pretty sure we will buy the upgraded version so the children can visit the Lava, Jungle, Tower, ROBOTS, and a few more! Thank you Petersen's!!!!!!

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