Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Day of School

Last Wednesday was our first day of school! Our children are now attending Mount Everest Academy. This year they will be studying Folklore Around the World at Hogwarts. Wednesday, they traveled on the Hogwarts Express for about 7 hours. During this time, they picked up their pets (Isaac an owl and Bekah a Hello Kitty) and grandparents. Upon arriving at Hogwarts, they were sorted (Isaac into Gryffindor and Bekah into Ravenclaw) and then had a FEAST! Isaac is already planning the next feast. Most people work on academics the first day… we eat!


Isaac running through the wall onto Platform 9 3/4.


Hogwarts Express leaving.


House Elves that SAVED the day!!! Thank you =)


Isaac and Bekah listening as we, the adults, sang the Hogwarts School song. We really should have videoed this one!


The Feast!


A very happy, tired family ready to head to the dorms for the night.

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Alysia said...

How awesome is that? I'd start with the feast, too. The rest of it can come later. You created a great memory today.