Friday, May 20, 2011

Must Post

I have a friend who has always been a good example to me. I feel blessed and am a better person because of her (well, when I follow her). Well, she called yesterday asking permission to share my blog with a the sisters in her ward at a Relief Society Meeting. This ward is the one I lived in for 6 years! I know a great deal of these sisters. That is how good she is. Still asks permission.

Her lesson was on journaling.

Well, isn't this the way it works. We hardly ever take the time to post. Now more people will probably look at this within the week and nothing of any great importance will be here. I have often read other's blogs and thought, I should so that., but never have.

So, in honor of my friend, I am posting today. AND I am going to tell you why my house is happier because of her =)

She was the first person I knew to home-school her children. She taught me the importance of not sending my little ones off at such a young age and how it is better to keep them at home!

My first nursing book came from her and I loved it! I was able to nurse all my babies for 2 years!

FOOD... She has taught me 3 recipes that are used frequently in our house:
I I forgot to put GRANOLA =)
Sunday Dinners:
Her family had us over for dinner one Sunday and ever since then Isaac has been hooked! He always wants to know who is coming to Sunday dinner at our house. Even when we go months without having anyone over for dinner, he still asks every Sunday =)

Thank you Amy for always being such a good example to us and for making our house happier!

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AES said...

I'm speechless! You are so nice! Thanks :)