Saturday, May 28, 2011

That’s My Boy !

Benjamin is always the first one up in our house. Why? Because he is the only one still smart enough to go to bed when he is tired! When he wakes up each morning, the first word out of his mouth is EAT! Today I took him down stairs to find a healthy, nutritious morning snack and can you guess what he wanted…


Chips and Salsa!

Can you think of anything better?

So, as I was forced to consume chips and salsa, before breakfast (you know how forceful those 2 year olds are, ask all those lovely people in San Francisco about that) I started thinking of my favorite salsa’s. Pace is not too bad; Costco brand (pictured) is of course good, because everything from Costco is good!; Leticia’s homemade salsa, the one I used to make and still do when I spend the entire $1.50 required for making a really tasty batch; and Gabi’s homemade salsa, which I have tried to make, but simply can’t do it as well as her!

Happy Salsa eating!


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Gabi Schlatter said...

Wow!! He's so big!

LOL about the salsa! anytime I make salsa I think of you!

Here's a new one to try.

buy a can of salsa, a CAN, not jar, something like this . Then chop up about 1/2 a bunch of cilantro leaves, 1/8 of an onion, a tomato and if you want it spicier, a jalapeno, mix it all together, maybe some salt and you're good to go.