Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Farm =)

When Isaac turned 4, we got fish; easy and inexpensive! We have had at least 2 dozen fish/dwarf frogs come through this home now. And when someone can tell me why 3 of my fish committed suicide this past August I would love to hear why!

When Isaac turned 8, we got a hermit crab, named Hermie . He was great to look at for about 2 seconds. He was nocturnal and not very interactive. Things we told Isaac before, and things he believed after =)


We also got a guinea pig named Taco around this time. Super cute and fun, but hairy! It is part of the rabbit family. She would love to be taken out everyday and played with! However, with my allergies, she only gets to come out outside. She could use a home that will play with her =)


When I turned 37, we inherited an outdoor cat named Julie (she needs a home immediately). Julie is a Himalayan and beautiful inside and out. The children would hate to see her go, but she is meant to be an indoor cat and the weather really isn’t warm enough for her to be outside. We do have a doggie house for her, but a nice inside home would be better.


Then, just because, we got a bird, named Will, who died =( So,to mend the broken hearts, we got a Bird named Blue Scurry. Blue likes to sing when we vacuum or when he gets wet from playing in his water and fly around his cage and make a terrible mess. He also likes to be around the children.


We are also waiting for a possible butterfly to hatch this spring!

Caterpillar crysallis on the lid

For fun, we have also animal sat my parent’s dog, Elly, our friend’s dog, Cookie, and our friend’s hamster Bianca. (we were supposed to have their bird, but that had a tragic loss too,not my fault though).


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