Saturday, November 19, 2011


So, last January, Isaac joined the ranks of scouting. He got his uniform for his birthday and wouldn't take it off!
He absolutely loves going to his meetings and LOVES earning the awards!!!! In preparation for becoming a scout, he learned everything for the Bobcat rank BEFORE his birthday! So, on his birthday as he opened his manual (way easy presents for this birthday), he promptly opened the book to the page where we sign off and started reciting everything he had learned. Funny boy =) By May, or June, he earned the Wolf rank. Since then he has earned 3 arrows, about 10 belt loops, and 3? awards (Leave No Trace, etc). Come January, we will actually have to start putting effort into him earning the next rank. Fortunately, he does most of the initiating, so my life will be easy =)

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