Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Rebekah

Last week at our Festival (see Home School blog) Bekah spent about 5 minutes fixing baby Jesus’ bed before their play. I missed most of it, but one of the moms came to get me so I could watch. She was arranging the hay and rearranging the hay. Then she would gather more sticks, etc, very concerned for the comfort for this doll. So around the time I got there, one of the moms came over to help finish getting everything ready for the play. First thing the mom did was drop a blanket on the bed and on top of the doll’s head. Bekah looked at her (the mom had no idea) and quietly picked the doll up and rocked it, then moved the blanket and fixed the baby in the bed. At which time, the mom turns back and picks up the doll and starts fixing the bed with the blanket lined over all the sticks, etc. The mom and I who were watching were a little nervous about what Bekah might do next. Because she is a peacemaker at heart, she politely shifted something and then walked away since it was time for the play. If only I could have had this on video!!!!! Anyway, after the play was over, Bekah took the opportunity to have this doll all to herself and spent a good half-hour holding and rocking it.


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The Lopez Family said...

This was so cute. I was a little concerned that I may have to hand baby Jesus over because she almost wouldn't let me put him away in the tupperware container to take him home.