Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We did. The children were spoiled by the grandparents, of course. But isn’t that their job? Isaac helped make family pajamas. That was a lot of fun!


At Grandma and Grandpa Lehndorfer’s


With Grandpa Lehndorfer


All the boys at Tori’s family


All the Girls


Opening Stockings before Church on Christmas morning


Magdalena’s bubble wrap for her package =) She does spoil us. Thanks you Magdalena!


Isaac’s Heaven


Benjamin’s Heaven


Bekah’s Heaven

FYI, we changed back into our Pajamas as soon as we got back from church =)

So the real question, What did we give? Over 150 Christmas cards and half of those with Grandma Jane’s peanut brittle or Amish Friendship Bread. If you didn’t get any…. I am sorry you were neglected. Just let me know and the situation with be rectified! =)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

She’s Coming!

We are happy to announce that we will have the opportunity to host an exchange student from Germany starting in January. She will be here until the middle of June. More information will follow, but we had to share one important thing. She is from Luebbecke, Germany located in the northern part of the country (different form Magdalena who was from Bavaria in the south). We just did some quick research on her home town.. and well lets just say that the temperature high in July is 16 C….my house is 20 C right now and we are all freezing! Do you think we should tell her that our high in July is 40+ C. Warren says that she will have time to grow into the weather before summer comes and wipes her out! Frederike, if you are reading this… please don’t get scared =)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Boys!

DSC00027     DSC00052

Please meet Zyed and Damien. Our boys! We were blessed to be able to host these wonderful boys from France this summer. They are great boys! We all really loved them. While they were here, we made sure they had traditional American food, like root beer floats! Damien had one every day! Zyed couldn’t even swallow the first sip, hahaha! We taught them American words like nookie nookie (totally ZYED’S fault). We even took them to great places in southern California like Joshua Tree National Park! Can we say heat stroke! Poor boys, it wasn’t even that hot =) We all had a wonderful time. They were so much fun and kept us laughing! I am laughing now as I write this post! Love you both!


Our Rebekah

Last week at our Festival (see Home School blog) Bekah spent about 5 minutes fixing baby Jesus’ bed before their play. I missed most of it, but one of the moms came to get me so I could watch. She was arranging the hay and rearranging the hay. Then she would gather more sticks, etc, very concerned for the comfort for this doll. So around the time I got there, one of the moms came over to help finish getting everything ready for the play. First thing the mom did was drop a blanket on the bed and on top of the doll’s head. Bekah looked at her (the mom had no idea) and quietly picked the doll up and rocked it, then moved the blanket and fixed the baby in the bed. At which time, the mom turns back and picks up the doll and starts fixing the bed with the blanket lined over all the sticks, etc. The mom and I who were watching were a little nervous about what Bekah might do next. Because she is a peacemaker at heart, she politely shifted something and then walked away since it was time for the play. If only I could have had this on video!!!!! Anyway, after the play was over, Bekah took the opportunity to have this doll all to herself and spent a good half-hour holding and rocking it.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Idiosyncrasies of the Lehndorfer Family

Merry Christmas! This year, we are updating our Blog and sending Christmas cards with our picture =) If you don’t receive a card with our picture, it is probably because you live so close, that you are getting peanut brittle or chocolate snowmen or Santas. Please don’t be alarmed by who the card is from. Warre is really Warren and while I am important, I am not important enough to have my V and my I capitalized. Victoria would have been just fine!


We have had a fun filled 2011. It just goes by too fast. Even Isaac has commented on how quickly life is passing! This year, we would like to share some secret inside information about who we are or what we like.

Warren suffers from ‘served a mission in a third world country and lives in a first world country’ syndrome. He often looks at our home and possessions and feels guilty. However, he then sees great deals on things like the Kindle Fire and gets one for the family. =)

Tori likes things organized and to follow rules. Therefore, she bottles up the frustration with her unorganized house and then explodes and has a problem with ‘gray area’ rules.

Isaac has selective hearing. While reading a book, only the promise of a treat will get his attention. And when asked to go do something, he hears go read a book every time.

Bekah is great at putting others first! She is very nurturing and thinks about how to help or care for others without being prompted! She will also be a great mom. How do we know? Light sleeper!

Benjamin loves his thumb and his puppy blanket! If given the choice, he will only wear a shirt with silk screen print on it so he can rub it all day long!