Saturday, April 21, 2007

Finished Backyard

Well, today we put the rest of the boards up for our fence in the backyard. And since we had help from 2 missionaries and a friend from church, we were even able to paint the new boards. We were blessed with beautiful weather without too much wind. We even put in a border around the garden. While it does add personality, its purpose is to help people not walk through the garden. We will plant some veggies this week. We bought 2 tomato plants, 2 bell pepper plants (1 red and 1 green), and a mild jalapeno. We have lots of seeds in packets and will probably go get some more from Home Depot next week. We really want some zucchini and pumpkins. We also have a trellis to put in the ground and were thinking we could put a grape vine on each side. So many options =) I guess all we really would like to happen is to have at least 1 of each fruit or veggie grow. So, with a complete fence, grass, 6 fruit trees, a swing set, digging dirt for Isaac and all the 'girls' who come to play, and dirt roped off for a garden and plants in hand, I would say that we have a pretty complete backyard. With in 10 years it should be really complete with a pool!!!!


Marnie Casady said...

Your yard sounds wonderful. I'm sure that you are going to enjoy it for many years to come. Our favorite thing to do is to have dinner outside on the patio......It is great to be in the fresh air and it is a nice break on the kitchen floor!

Your garden reminds me of an experience from my youth....I grew up in Missouri while my grandparents lived here in Apple Valley. My grandpa grew a garden every year and would call or write me to tell me how large the pumpkins were getting. He promised to send us some when they were ready. So every year just in time for Halloween we would receive a large box with three pumpkins in it from California. One pumpkin for each of us (me, my brother and my sister). We looked forward to this every year.

It wasn't until I was much older that I found out that even though grandpa had a successful garden our pumpkins had been purchased locally and "mailed" to us by our parents!!! It still made for some great memories!

Good luck with you garden....your children will remember these special times.


David Moore said...

Good job. We have simplified this year and are doing wiht 3 tomatoe plants, a yellow squash and a one more plant. This is pretty cool David Moore, Green Tree Ward