Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Girl's Clothes

In fear of Rebekah not having enough clothes for summer, I have been buying Target and Wal-mart specials for the past few months. I discovered at least 2 dozen pairs of shorts and shirts and a total of 6 church dresses in 2 bags and a box. When I thought I was finished, I found a handful more of various items. I guess she will be fine.
This weekend will be quite the juggling act. On Saturday we are going to plant some vegetables in the garden to go with the grapes and berries we planted last month. By the end of the season, I hope to have squash, tomatoes, a pumpkin, and watermelon =) While planting our garden, Warren and I will have to balance our time pushing Isaac and Rebekah on the swings. We bought the fancy Costco swing set so they could play outside and be self entertained. They only want to swing... and swing... and swing...Warren and I have really found some interesting rhythms to push to.

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