Monday, May 7, 2007


I know white is supposed to be a color, but when I look at white walls all around me, I get weird. So, last Saturday Warren painted our hallway upstairs and the computer/playroom a pastel yellow. Why pastel yellow? Because it was a 5 gallon bucket of OOPS! paint at Home Depot for $20. Love the OOPS! paint. Great brands, low prices, and bizarre colors. Kind of fits our family =)
We have also lost some color in our garden. The brown sticks we planted hoping for berries and grapes have been returned after 2 months of brown sticks and nothing else. And the brown leaves we inherited after someone poured Miracle Grow on our strawberry plants have started to show some signs of green. Oh, yes and the full peach tree with about a dozen peaches and a plethora of leaves we planted is almost a brown stick with the same 12 peaches the size of a wad of gum and about a dozen almost still green leaves. We have learned in the past 2 months a few things about our yard. Number 1- peach trees don't like it here and number 2- miracle grow really means miracle kill.

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