Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Boys!

DSC00027     DSC00052

Please meet Zyed and Damien. Our boys! We were blessed to be able to host these wonderful boys from France this summer. They are great boys! We all really loved them. While they were here, we made sure they had traditional American food, like root beer floats! Damien had one every day! Zyed couldn’t even swallow the first sip, hahaha! We taught them American words like nookie nookie (totally ZYED’S fault). We even took them to great places in southern California like Joshua Tree National Park! Can we say heat stroke! Poor boys, it wasn’t even that hot =) We all had a wonderful time. They were so much fun and kept us laughing! I am laughing now as I write this post! Love you both!


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KinderLearningBunnies said...

Your quilt looks great. I can pick up some "American" fabric at the Road to California Quilt show when I go at the end of the month for your girl to take back home.