Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bigger Than Costco

Overall, our garden has done quite well this year. The missionaries helped us get the soil ready and transplant some strawberries. Our boysenberries took them over, so they had to be moved.


We had tons of boysenberries and lots of strawberries….



Our trees that  looked so bare… (pay attention to the little one next to the yellow slide)DSC07747

turned into….



We beat the squirrels this year, and thus had lots of peaches, apricots, plums and nectarines earlier in the season.


We even had a few…


Our zucchini hasn’t taken off yet (probably due to flooding early in the season), but we have tomatoes, green and purple grapes, basil, watermelon, cantaloupe, sun flowers, left over green onions, surprise purple beans, and dragon beans!


Tonight, we picked the last fruit off our tree….


However, I think one apple is from Costco…It is so much bigger!


I think there is a line in some movie or somewhere that goes… ‘How about them apples?” Not sure where it is from…. but that is one mighty big apple!

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