Friday, August 9, 2013

Family Home Evening Pictionary

So, we played Pictionary a couple weeks ago for our lesson/activity. It was a lot of fun. However, we had NO IDEA what Bekah was drawing. we kept making silly guesses, but in the end, we were so confused we couldn’t stop laughing because those silly guesses were better than nothing  =) Finally, she wrote the answer on her picture. Love the spelling =)


So, Wicked King Noah is sitting on his throne. Abinadi is locked in the dungeon. The picture is too far away to see that there is a door with a window. Only his head is in the window, BUT she drew his body too. The one behind the door =) She started drawing something weird above everyone’s heads. I said they were ring pops! I told you we were silly. Anyway, one guy was sad (the one under the big red scribble looking thing) because he didn’t have any ring pops, oh I mean bags of money.

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