Monday, July 27, 2009

Comeback Anyone?

At 7 am this morning, 2 girls from church were at our house for the day full of ideas of things to do with Isaac and Rebekah. They went swimming in a real pool, built tents in the playroom, played store, ate Frosted Flakes for breakfast, etc. At 2 pm they left, but a girl I tutor was here and her and Isaac continued to improve the tent. At 2:45, we made granola bars and then Isaac read a few books and played on the computer. At 5 we ate dinner and then packed up our granola bars and headed for the park for a Family Home Evening night with about 40 people form church. They played at he park for a long time, then had a lesson and played Simon Says. We then ate treats and played some more on the jungle gym. At 8:00 we hopped in the car at which time Isaac says, "Can I watch a movie when I get home? I have been bored all day." Yea, well that didn't sit well with me, so I said, "Well, after you watch the waterfall in the bathroom, you can watch the great movies on the back of your eyelids all night long."

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Rays-R-Us said...

LOL, kids say the darndest things! Good comeback though :) What a great idea to do a ward FHE at the park... I'll have to recommend that to our ward activities committee.