Monday, July 6, 2009

June 19 (part b)

Isaac has ended Kindergarten. Wow. I can't believe my little boy is so old. We had lots of great plans for the long summer that were quickly cut in half! Isaac finished school at 12:11 pm and when we got he mail that evening around 5ish we found a letter from the Lewis Center in our mailbox., The Lewis Center is a place in Apple Valley the has a charter school which focuses on science. They have a huge telescope and work with NASA on projects. I placed Isaac and Rebekah on the waiting list almost 3 years ago. Isaac was number 120 something and Rebekah was number 48. well, they have been able to expand and now Isaac will get to go there for 1st grade. We were hoping for Junior High. While I am very excited about the opportunity for him to attend this great school, I am sad because his elementary school, West Palms, is a wonderful school. School starts August 3, so we have lost 4 weeks of fun, but we are gaining a 2 week fall break, a 3 vs. 2 week winter break and a 2 vs. 1 week spring break. Good Luck, Isaac!

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Rays-R-Us said...

This is great news Tori!!! I've heard wonderful things about the Lewis Center. Fischer is still at Riverside Prep and is doing great there. I'm so grateful to have charter schools in the area :) Have a fun (short) summer. Fischer's first day is August 3rd also. Your family looks great!