Monday, July 6, 2009

June 12

Well, not really. But we are very behind and this is the date we should have posted =)

Rebekah is now 4 years old. Our princess is growing up so quickly. She really enjoys being the Queen Bee around here and having two brothers to give her lots of attention. She dresses each morning like Fancy Nancy but will break a nail tackling Isaac to the ground. She is still a bit shy when addressed, but when no one is looking, she will belt out I Am A Child Of God as we stroll the aisles of Costco. We love our little girl and are very blessed to have her in our lives. Happy Birthday, Rebekah!

You can see all the pictures on the picasa link.
FYI She weighs 33 lbs and is 38 in.

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Lisa said...

Hi there this is Lisa Pack Hyer and JT Trout gave me your blog address. I wanted to say that my little guy is the same size. He is 2ys and 5 months and weighed 35lbs and 37 in yesterday. Crazy. Did you hear we expecting again in Feb and we both graduate in April.