Saturday, January 28, 2012

Famous International Soup

Well, Isaac has created his own soup recipe. It is actually delicious. He has served it to us here in America, to the French, Germans, and now the Chinese. Chinese? When did they come into the picture? Well, On January 16, we were blessed with the opportunity to have 2 beautiful University students from China come to stay with us for 2 weeks.


Rebecca and Jenny are perfect visitors and they are having so much fun here! While our weekends have been lighter than in the past, our weeks have been longer since I  have been teaching the classes 3 hours a day.

On Sunday, January 22, we were extremely lucky to be able to celebrate their Spring Festival with them. This is their New Year’s Eve day and they cooked about 9 dishes for us to try. Yummy!




Before dinner we surprised them with traditional red envelopes with money inside ($2 bills).


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