Saturday, January 28, 2012

One More Year

Isaac is officially 9 years years old. Well, as of one week and 3 hours 20 minutes ago =)


He got all the essential nine year old list: Bear handbook, Bear neckerchief, Bear slide, pocket knife (well he bout that himself with his own money a week before his birthday so we need to get him is tote and chip card), knife sharpening stone, flint and steel, camera, and new helmet for his bike. I know I am missing some since he got 9 presents, but I think that is enough for the list =) We are taking him rock climbing at an indoor rock place soon. He has decided to save all his money for an IPod Touch. I am hoping the 3 years it will take him will give him the motivation to scratch the idea. On the other hand, he will be 12 and that doesn’t sound too bad of a gift for a 12 year old. I bet Apple will have an even better one by then!


Happy Birthday, Isaac. We love you!

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